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About Lift ATX


Photo Credit: Carlos Gallegos

About the founder

Daniel Hinojosa opened Lift ATX in September 2020.

A member of the East Austin community for 20 years, Daniel was determined to find a way to give back to the community that helped him to find a home so many years ago. His vision for Lift ATX was to offer OG East Austinites a space to call their own, a space to build community, a space to celebrate the culture, and a space to promote health and wellness in the midst of rapid gentrification.

Daniel strives to make Lift ATX a hub for the East Austin community by opening the gym to the community in multiple ways. The gym regularly hosts fundraising events, lifting meets, community networking events, and has plans for expanding these events in the near future. When planning these events, Daniel intentionally supports small businesses owned by women and people of color, and intentionally promotes in the East Austin community. Lift ATX models its community involvement by the stellar examples set by the many strong, proud pillars of the East Austin community.

About Lift atx

Lift ATX is a gym with a primary focus of serving the community. In addition to providing an affordable, welcoming, inclusive environment to promote health and wellness, Lift ATX engages the community by hosting fundraisers, drives, and awareness events that center East Austin.​

Our gym is a showcase for local artists, and we frequently feature local Austin vendors at our events and on busy weekends.

And one of our best features- Lift ATX is dog friendly!


Looking for trainers? We also have diverse array of trainers that we're proud to have working with us! Our certified and talented trainers are here to help you become the best version of yourself. Whether you are looking to change your lifestyle, bodybuild, or compete in a powerlifting competition, they are here to help you. 


Photo Credit: Carlos Gallegos

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