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Trainers at Lift ATX


María Rodríguez has been an active participant in the fitness space since 2014. She found a passion for movement through yoga in 2012, then found strength and conditioning through CrossFit. She taught both by 2016, which is when she started competitively powerlifting. She held her own powerlifting specialty class in Tacoma, Washington and ended up coaching her clients in bigger competitions as well who would have never thought to be competitors!

María has been training people from all different stages, making sure her clients feel safe and empowered to explore their strongest side through strength training. She believes there is no gender, no limit, and nothing too big to dream up when we’ve untapped into our truest potential.

Lawrence is an in-person AND online coach that has been in the Fitness and Health realm for 8 years !🏋️

He specializes in helping men and women build muscle, lose fat, and get into the best shape of their lives without having to follow a boring diet!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

He is big on accountability and mindset, and deeply cares about each and every one of his clients success!💪

If you are 100% committed and ready to WORK, hit him up!🔥🚀


A Bodybuilding Prep Coach, Personal Trainer, and Transformation specialist. He has been a certified personal trainer since 2011 with a very broad range of experience with many different clients and goals.

He loves helping people change their lives and watching them grow both mentally as well as physically. Doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s never too late start. #RaiseTheBarr

Duncan is an ISSA Certified Master Trainer who has been in the game since before MTV stopped playing music videos. He has had an online training platform since Kazaa. PN1 Nutrition Coach Certified...look at him...he clearly understands food. He has written a few books on training, including HIIT Manuals, EMOM Manuals, and a German Volume Training manual, all of which are guaranteed to level-up your game faster than Nintendo Power.

In almost twenty years as a Trainer, Duncan has had the privilege of helping hundreds of Clients prioritize health and wellness by emphasizing sustainable strength, conditioning, and diet programming tailored to their individual mission.

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Dominique offers in person and online training + nutrition coaching personalized to individual goals. She helps people achieve results through sustainable strength training. She primarily focuses on helping women achieve their goals, specializing in body recomposition (gaining muscle + losing body fat) and physique development, by concentrating on getting as strong as possible, training smart and fueling your body 💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️

If you're someone who..
- feels like they do endless hiit workouts, cardio or random exercises and doesn't see changes
- feels anxious walking into a gym and doesn't know where to start
-feels stuck lifting the same weight each week and can't progress or PR
-wants to learn how to lift heavy with proper form and feel like a badass
-wants to change their relationship with nutrition and develop new habits

Click on the link below to get started!

Christina offers personalized in-person training & online coaching along with nutrition coaching to help her clients reach their individual fitness & health goals. She focuses her training on building her client's strength through weight lifting and pushes them to challenge themselves in gym!

She has helped clients (men & women) lose fat, build muscle, and support them in creating their own version of a strong physique! 

If you're looking for the following:

- Training for muscle hypertrophy & overall strength

- Nutrition coaching for fat loss OR muscle gain

- Programming with progressive overload to ENSURE progress

Inquire about training with Christina at the link below!!

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Team Perez is built upon every athlete’s commitment and effort toward their goals. Each guided by the motto, Ponte las Pilas (Look alive). We are all aware that in life there’s always an easy path, and like momma used to say “El huevon trabaja doble”. In Team Perez, we do it the hard way and the right way from the start. 


In person and online coach that focuses on improving functional health, nutrition, and training. Coach Perez places a great emphasis on education, applying and sharing teachings from his mentors, @jmihlay_ and @mattjansen8. Stay on the lookout for FREE educational content on his page. 


 “I am a strong believer that happiness comes from the journey not the destination. If we can hold the faith to take the steps necessary to become a better version of ourselves, life will always work itself out. Your first step is letting me guide you through that metamorphosis” 


If you’re not where you’d like to be but are willing to “Ponerte las Pilas”, there’s a spot for you in Team Perez. 

Jose brings over 25 years of experience in the fitness space both personally and professionally as a Trainer. Raised and immersed in the world's bodybuilding and fitness capital, Venice, California.


Jose brings both a modern and an old school style of training to each session. His training styles most reflect the bodybuilding industry’s favorite past generation of athletes and trainers.


Focusing heavily on the fundamentals of lifting and fitness, Jose works with individuals wanting to generally improve their lifestyle, healthy habits or bodybuilding pursuits. Specializing in individual posing, both mandatory and routine choreography, Jose works with beginner to experienced competitors prior to stage.


Se Habla Espanol. 

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